Topics (Sec 2)

1) Monomials and Polynomials
2) Expansion and Factorisation
3) Quadratic Equations
4) Algebraic Manipulation
5) Further Indices (Students' Resources)
6) Arithmetic Problem Solving + Financial Mathematics
7) a) Coordinate Geometry, Linear and Quadratic Graphs (Students' Resources)
b) Graphing and Solving of inequalities of 2 variables on the Cartesian plane
8) Simultaneous Linear Equations
9) Pythagoras' Theorem (Students' Resources)
10) Numerical Trigonometry (Students' Resources) + Elevation and Depression
11) Congruency and Similarity (Teachers' Resources), Symmetry
12) Geometrical Properties of Circles
13) Plane Geometry
14) Mean and Standard Deviation + Distribution of Data (Teachers' Resources) + Reading Cumulative Frequency